Ways Composite Fillings Benefit Your Grin

Tooth with caries, tooth decay. White backgroundYour smile is constantly facing the threat of various oral bacteria, germs, and more on a daily basis. Although dental enamel exists to protect our teeth, the truth of the matter is that it is only one factor against a team of many. As such, we have to provide additional care in the form of preventive dentistry. Still, sometimes we fall short in this process, and the next best step is to seek restorative care. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX dentist explains why it is necessary to prioritize timely treatment, and how you can mitigate dental infection with composite fillings.

Improving Functional Capabilities

From grinding your teeth to enduring a minor crack, your smile faces the potential for damage more often than you might think. What’s more? Major infections such as gum disease and tooth decay may act in silence, wreaking havoc without your knowledge.

What you might or might not know, however, is that tooth decay is one of the most common oral health complications in the world. In fact, millions of people in the United States endured decay in some form or another in the past year, and many others do not schedule their appointments until the infection has already developed and spread. Indeed, while it may be among the most common of issues, this does not mean that it is just as simply addressed.

You see, tooth decay causes your teeth to develop small holes known as cavities. Further, a cavity creates a passageway that allows oral bacteria to make their way inside your tooth, causing damage to your sensitive nerves that are normally housed in the roots. As you can imagine, this makes putting pressure on the affected area uncomfortable or even painful. Fortunately, dental fillings can help.

Mitigating Spreading Infection

In order to prevent tooth decay from spreading any further, your dentist may recommend a dental filling. Not only does a filling restore your tooth’s ability to function properly, but the process involves cleaning the cavity and reinforcing your tooth with a composite resin material. Additionally, removing traces of the decaying tooth helps to rid your smile of the infection, thus promoting proper healing. Contact our team today to learn more about the ways a dental filling can benefit your smile.

Discreet Treatment Options

Finally, our team understands the importance of discreet treatment for our patients, and advances in practice have made it possible to do the same with restorative care. Indeed, we utilize shade-match technology to color the composite material to the closest hue to your smile. With this process, most will not even be able to tell you received treatment at all!

Learn More Today

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