Partial Dentures

Close up image of happy good looking elegant fifty year old woman wearing warm cozy jumper, pearl earrings and short stylish hairdo being in good mood sitting in living room, smiling broadly at cameraHaving a full smile may help patients with their self-confidence. For those who have lost some of their teeth, partial dentures may be a restorative option to consider.

Dentures contain prosthetic teeth on a natural-looking, gum-colored base. They are custom-designed, and they rest on either the upper or lower gum ridges in your mouth. They are secured with adhesive or natural suction. However, we may recommend dental implants to help maximize stability.

Partial dentures are removable, and they contain replacement teeth to help fill in gaps left by missing teeth. We will attach your partial to healthy neighboring teeth with hidden clasps. The result is a full and natural-looking smile.

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