Ways Bonding And Contouring Enhance Your Smile

Damaged tooth isolated on blue background with clipping path. 3d render illustrationIn our most recent dental blog, our team explored the influence noticeable stains had on a person’s smile, as well as the many benefits of cosmetic teeth whitening. Indeed, your oral health is always going to be the most important priority in the grand scheme of things, however, that does not mean you have to ignore cosmetic concerns for the sake of your smile. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX dentist furthers the discussion about the importance of cosmetic treatment and explains how bonding and contouring offers lifelike solutions for noticeable smile chips and cracks.

A Solution for Enamel Cracks

Nothing is more disheartening than putting in consistent and conscious effort to your preventive dental routine just for a physical accident or injury to create a noticeable chip or crack in a tooth. Indeed, smile blemishes can arise at any given time from a host of circumstances, and in many instances, there is not a lot you can do about it on your own. Fortunately, however, this is where cosmetic treatment comes in.

While a cracked tooth typically results in a dental emergency, sometimes it may only occur on the surface level. In other words, perhaps it is the enamel that experiences the crack and it does not actually go deep enough to affect your natural tooth. Still, it is important to address these concerns in a way you see fit, and nothing is better suited than dental bonding and contouring.

Bonding and contouring consist of applying a composite resin material to the affected site and smoothing it or contouring it to mimic the natural shape you are seeking. To learn more about this process and how our team can help out, give us a call today.

Evening Out A Chipped Tooth

It is always important to seek treatment when presented with a dental concern, even if those concerns are more related to sleep disturbances or cosmetic issues. Another cosmetic concern that may present itself includes if your enamel experiences chipping.

A chipped tooth not only causes your smile to look uneven, but it can significantly detract from it as well. In a way similar to the one described for addressing cracks, bonding and contouring can be used to extend a tooth slightly in a particular area, thus allowing you to achieve a straight smile once more. Contact our team to learn more.

Filling a Noticeable Gap

Finally, but certainly not least, bonding and contouring can be used to help address a small gap between teeth. Sometimes dental concerns occur as a result of how your teeth came in growing up, and sporting a gap is not for everyone. With the help of cosmetic treatment, you can enjoy a fuller grin in virtually no time.

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