Look Better With Enamel Enhancement

Redhead Houston TXYou can damage your teeth in an endless amount of ways and when you do, we are here for you. Dr. Sue Ellen Richardson, DDS in Houston, TX offers helpful enamel repair and improvement to help you bring your smile back to the quality you expect. From small chips and cracks to larger breaks, there is an accessible solution.

Restore an even texture to your teeth with the placement of porcelain veneers. These are slim layers of translucent ceramic that can serve as a new cosmetic surface. Veneers can withstand the rigors of daily use and can last for years with proper routine maintenance. This process can help you to have a more even and functional smile. Be proud of your mouth with porcelain veneers!

Tooth Bonding Can Repair Minor Chips

For minor enamel damage, dental bonding is a process that can help you repair your tooth. Your dentist will use an advanced form of resin that, once cured, emulates the natural material of your enamel. This process has the capability of reshaping your tooth as well, to give you a more comfortable bite. After polishing, your new enamel repair solution can be maintained as you do your fully natural teeth. Speak with your dentist about small repair using bonding.

A Comprehensive Enamel Solution With Broad Capabilities

A more versatile option for the repair and improvement of your enamel is a porcelain veneer procedure. This involves the placement of a thin sheet of translucent ceramic atop your existing tooth. Since the shape of your enamel plays a significant part in both the look and function of your teeth, this process can help you make positive change.

Porcelain veneers are built to last, as well. Quality solutions can last decades with proper maintenance. Keep up with your in-office visits and follow through with the instructions that you receive. Each smile has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, so the custom advice can be helpful. Mostly, you will clean and maintain your smile in much the same way as before. Pay particular attention to your gumline and always be sure to floss. You could see significant improvement with a durable veneer solution!

Gorgeous Porcelain Veneers In Houston, TX

The surface of your teeth makes all the difference in the quality of your smile. For more information, callĀ Dr. Sue Ellen Richardson, DDS in Houston, TX at 713-796-9600. Schedule an appointment or learn more about how enamel repair can help you to have a more beautiful look. Bonding helps repair minor chips and is a speedy process. Porcelain veneers provide a comprehensive ability to change your appearance for the better. Achieve more and improve your self-confidence with durable improvements to your existing enamel.