How Restoration Helps To Repair Your Tooth

Hope Houston TXWhen a tooth suffers damage to the hard exterior known as the enamel, further damage can spread from this location. This durable material is built to withstand the rigors of daily chewing. The internal portion of the tooth, however, does not have the proper defenses to stave off future troubles. Bacterial infection can quickly start to take hold within the dentin beneath the enamel and spread into the fleshy pulp.

Your Houston, TX dentist, Dr. Sue Ellen Richardson, DDS, offers dental crowns as an effective way to bring back stability at the location of significant enamel damage. These are strong caps that can be made of a few different materials to suit specific oral health needs. From fully porcelain to CEREC crowns, there is an accessible option to restore a broken or cracked tooth. Bite freely with a new dental crown that appears life-life for a gorgeous smile enhancement and limits future physical harm!

When Enamel Damage Threatens The Safety Of Your Smiles

Despite the rigor of your oral health hygiene, any tooth is at risk of potential damage. After all, the mouth is intended for constant collision when we chew. The odd bite onto a piece of bone or candy can leave you with an instantly broken piece of your smile. A tested method of repair that can give you an elegant renewal is through what is known as a dental crown. These devices are durable caps that rest permanently atop your existing natural tooth.

Without a speedy restorative procedure, your tooth is at risk of further progression of damage. A crack can become deeper and pieces of enamel can start to come off as the tooth becomes weaker. Address your concern with haste in order to limit the extent of this development.

Restore Your Injured Tooth With A Dental Crown

Dental crowns are an effective means of restoration and can save you major discomfort in the near future. This process can help you to avoid potential harm that may require future procedures to remedy. Schedule an appointment for an examination to see if dental bonding could be able to repair a smaller chip. Sometimes your issue may feel larger within your mouth than it is in reality. Restoration of this material is helpful in maintaining a smile free from serious bacterial infection. The bonding process includes a resin that hardens to full durability. Once your qualified oral care professional polishes the surface, this location blends in with the natural matter.

Treating Injured Smiles In Houston, TX

If you have recently broken or cracked a tooth, contact Dr. Sue Ellen Richardson, DDS in Houston, TX by calling 713-796-9600. Your enamel damage can continue to spread and lead to tooth pain and potential loss. A dental crown can help to reinforce the location and restore the defenses of the enamel!